*March 12th event: Bagger Racing Presentation and Helmet Auction Postponed (updated date announced soon)*

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Craftsmanship, Detail, and Refined Elegance

When you visit The National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio, you open a window to the past and gain invaluable insight into what made Packard the great American automobile company. Come explore firsthand Packard's unique contributions to present-day vehicle standards for safety, engineering, and luxury. Our collection includes extensive archives and information as well as beautifully-maintained vehicles owned by the Packard family and heirs. Visit today to "Ask the man who owns one."

Demonstrating the Packard Motor Company's grand history, including:

  • 1903 "Old Pacific"
  • 1911 Model 30 Detroit Fire Department Squad Car
  • 1936 Business Coupe
  • 1939 TWELVE Touring Sedan
  • 1950 Deluxe Sedan
  • 1951 Pan American Show Car