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Donate to Ensure the Packard Legacy Endures!

Make A Donation

For complete information on donating to the Museum, please read the Gifts and Giving Brochure (Requires Free Adobe Acrobat Reader). You may also make an immediate online donation by visiting the National Packard Museum Store. Of course, donations of time, expertise, and materials are greatly appreciated. Please contact us or stop by to learn more about how you can participate.

Other Ways to Donate - Current Campaigns

Endowment Contributions Secure the Future

The National Packard Museum survives and thrives through the generous support of organizations, businesses, and individual contributors. Revenue generated by the Endowment Fund helps to support future operations and outreach efforts. The Endowment Fund will ensure the future of the Museum is secure and enable us to continue to fulfill our mission and celebrate the history and legacy of the Packard Family, Packard Electric and Packard Motor Car Company.

Contribute to the Annual Fund

The Museum Board and staff have been diligent in operating the museum in an efficient manner. We are proud of the fact that the museum has been debt free and operating in the black since it was founded in 1990, but we need your help to continue this financial stability.

The National Packard Museum is able to accomplish its mission and serve the public on a very lean budget because of a dedicated staff and the hard work of our volunteers.

The Museum’s operating budget is supported by revenue generated through special events, museum store sales, admissions, and generous donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals like you. At a time when corporations must cut back to remain competitive and when foundations find proceeds of investments lagging, we must rely even more heavily on your generous contributions to the Annual Fund.

You can contribute to the Annual Fund two ways:

1) Our online store

2) Download and fill out an Annual Fund Pledge card then mail both the card and your pledge to the address on the card. Annual Fund

Packard Owners Wall of Fame

Attention Packard owners! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to engrave your name in Packard History. Purchase a "Packard Owners Wall of Fame" engraved brass plate with your name and the year and model of your Packard for just $500.00. The 2" x 6" metal plate will be permanently affixed to the "Packard Owners Wall of Fame" located in the main passageway between the new edition of the National Packard Museum and the current facility.    Wall_of_Fame_form_revised.pdf


Memorial Bricks

Don't miss this opportunity to show your support and commitment to preserving the Packard legacy! Your purchase of memorial bricks, in 4 x 8, 8 x 8, and 12 x 12, will form the foundation for the outdoor display area marking the courtyard entrance to the building. This is a great opportunity to show your dedication for the National Packard Museum mission, or to commemorate a loved one who was part of the Packard legacy. Whether a Packard Electric employee, car owner, or just a Packard enthusiast, a commemorative brick leaves your unique mark in the heritage of the National Packard Museum. Bricks can be purchased by completing the brochure and mailing it with payment to the National Packard Museum.
Walk of Fame_brick_form.pdf


The Packard One-Twenty Club

Like Packard’s 120 Horsepower, the One-Twenty Club will be the superpower that Ensures the Packard Legacy Endures.

Just think, for the price of one cup of coffee per day, you can make sure that this great Automobile’s history will not be lost. Join the Prestigious Packard 120 Club by pledging $120.00 per month for one year to Ensure the Packard Legacy Endures! This is your museum—please ensure that we are able to continue to tell the Packard story for generations to come—help us by joining today.