*Motorcycle Exhibit Ft. Harley Davidson runs January 6th-June 1st*


  • Upcoming Museum Closures: Nov. 23rd and Nov. 26th

    The museum will be closed Thursday November 23rd for Thanksgiving, and Sunday November 26th for a Private Event. 
  • Packard's International Motor Car Club and Jay Leno

    Check out these videos of Jay Leno with Packard's International Motor Car Club! * Jay Leno Interview Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmD...
  • The Packard Ghosts of Oakwood Cemetery (A Haunting Genealogy Tour)!

    Join us for a Haunting Genealogy tour at Oakwood Cemetery!  This event is something you certainly don't want to miss.  Ghosts WD Packard and Kitty ...
  • Slapstick, Spirits, & Sorcery- 2023 Event

    A haunting dinner party to benefit the National Packard Museum! Come join us Friday, October 27th for a night filled with comedy and magic featuring eric Thompson. The doors to this event open at 6:30. 
  • 5th Annual Corvettes & Classics Show, National Packard Museum Sat. August 26th

    Generously sponsored by Warren Ohio's own Diane Sauer Chevrolet and the Chevy All Stars, the 5th Annual Corvette and Classics Car Show at National ...
  • Win A Custom Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt from National Packard Museum! Now Through September 3, 2023

    Ever wonder what to do with all your favorite shirts you can't seem to part with, but never wear? T-shirt quilts give them new life and turn the sh...
  • "Col. Jesse G. Vincent: Packard's Master Motor Builder" Seminar, Sat. August 26 11:30 a.m.

    Learn about his fascinating life and his vital contributions to automotive, aeronautical and marine history. The lecture is open to the public and is free with paid admission to the museum. It begins promptly at 11am.
  • TCHS Podcast Interview with Museum's Charles Ohlin

    Take a listen to this fascinating interview with National Packard Museum's Director of Education Charles Ohlin, expert on all things Packard and a ...
  • Tribune Chronicle Spotlights National Packard Museum's Newest Exhibit

    According to Porinchak, “As any car guy will tell you, body style and design are important, but it’s what’s under the hood that really matters. Without Jesse Vincent, the Packard Motor Car Company would not have achieved such stature in the automobile world. It was Jesse Vincent’s engines that really caught the attention of the buyers, the investors and the rest of the world.”
  • Packard history inspires Warren native's speedster- Tribune Chronicle

    “My passion lies with being born in Warren and knowing all about what went on there,” said Miscevich, who now lives in Temecula, Calif. “As a student of history, I was amazed at this company that was built on the Packards values, their work ethic and their ability to achieve a high-quality product that was revered, not just domestically, but internationally. The car was in the garages of kings and queens all over Europe, and it all stemmed from their start in Warren, Ohio. It’s just crazy that little old Warren was the birthplace of the greatest luxury car that the United States ever produced.”
  • "Jesse Vincent : Packard's Master Motor Builder" Exhibit Opens June 1, 2023

    The National Packard Museum is proud to present a special exhibit honoring Col. Jesse Vincent, Packard Motor Car Company’s chief engineer from 1915...
  • Sterling Knight Exhibit opens May 23, 2023

    The National Packard Museum is proud to announce the installation of a new permanent interpretive exhibit featuring the 1925 Sterling Knight 5-pass...