• Skeletons in the Closet: Sunday October 16th at 1p.m. Packard Tour of Oakwood Cemetery

    Every family has a few skeletons in the closet and the Packard family was no different. Join us as we release the skeletons. Come hear these long forgotten stories and get a unique look inside the personal lives of the Packard family.
  • Scrappy Knows! National Packard Museum

    Our Mahoning Valley Scrappers mascot recently visited the National Packard Museum. Thanks for stopping by Scrappy!
  • Freighter Jim Travels

    Museum member Freighter Jim stops by to pick up a car and takes an impromptu tour with a very special tour guide! Please enjoy! My Visit To The Nat...

    Recently we came upon this story from Elizabeth Gillmer Packard’s diary that illustrates the progressiveness of the Packard family. At a time in history when women still had few rights in the community, J.W. Packard was busy getting a woman’s perspective about the automobile he was building. (His may also have been trying to impress his lady friend.)
  • The National Packard Museum is featured on the Kristal Hart Show!

    Host Kristal Hart tours the National Packard Museum, Birthplace of Packard--the segment is featured on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network.
  • 2021 National Packard Museum Promotional Video

    Video produced by YSU Communications student Cole Kistler of Warren, Ohio
  • National Packard Museum Presented, "The Packard Family and Their Pets"

    The National Packard Museum presented "The Packard Family and Their Pets" on Saturday, hosted by the museum's director of education and research, C...
  • My Valley Cars: Packard Museum Edition

    Maryann Porinchak, Executive Director of the National Packard Museum, gives us a personal tour for My Valley Cars! There's so much more to see and...
  • My Valley Cars: Packard Museum Motorcycles April 2021

    If you like to ride with two wheels, this is a must-see segment!
  • Lampville USA

    Why Was Warren, Ohio called Lampville USA?

    In the 1910s, Warren made more lightbulbs than any city other than New York and Warren was the first city to light its streets entirely with incandescent lamps.

    We hope you enjoy watching "Lampville USA" and Warren's contribution to modern society.


  • Packard Family Genealogy Tour Success

    National Packard Museum Hosts Successful Genealogy Tour (Packard family gravesite, including father Warren and his wife, and some of their childr...
  • Howard Hughes Gives A Packard To Jean Peters

    The National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio presents the Howard Hughes, Jean Peters 1955 Packard.