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About Us

About the Museum
The National Packard Museum opened on July 4, 1999. Our 23,000 square foot complex is located next to the W.D. Packard Music Hall and Packard Park in Warren, Ohio's historic district. The museum houses a rotating display of original and restored Packard automobiles as well as original documents, photographs, artifacts, and interpretive materials that chronicle the illustrious history of the Packard family, the Packard Motor Car Company, and the Packard Electric Company.

Our Collection
Our permanent collection continues to grow through the generous contributions of individuals, corporate sponsors, public and private foundations, as well as private collectors.

History of the Museum
The National Packard Museum is a non-profit organization established in 1990. The museum was located at three different locations in Warren, Ohio before the current facility opened in July, 1999. On July 20, 2008, the museum broke ground for a 10,000 square foot addition and renovation of the existing facility. The expansion and renovation project was completed and opened July 2010.

Rotating Exhibits
As we have grown, the Museum has developed deep mutually-beneficial relationships with other organizations and entities. Together, we have created opportunities to expand the accessibility of our collections and to help educate our constituents about Packard and transportation history. For more information about the Museum's Loan Program or to suggest a vehicle or artifact loan, please email National@PackardMuseum.org.

Preserving Packard History
The Museum continually works to collect and preserve items of historical significance to the Packard Motor Company and its links to Warren, Ohio. From time to time, we seek input on evolving methods for the preservation of such artifacts as well as funding for preservation activities. Please consider sharing your expertise or Packard memorabilia to help secure Packard's legacy for future generations.