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Packard Family Genealogy Tour Success

National Packard Museum Hosts Successful Genealogy Tour

(Packard family gravesite, including father Warren and his wife, and some of their children including William Doud and his family)

A group of Packard and local Warren enthusiasts gathered Sunday afternoon at Oakwood Cemetery to hear of stories about several members of the Packard family. Charlie Ohlin of the museum presented comprehensive genealogy and historical information about the Packard family, and the businesses they owned and operated. There were many connections with prominent families who lived in Cleveland, including the White family, and countless ways the Packards were philanthropic and introduced firsts to societal norms. One such first is the first female FBI agent in the early 20th century. The impact on Warren continues to be profound through today as they built extravagant buildings of high-standards in the early 20th century, including public library additions, apartment buildings and parks for community enjoyment.

Participants visited the graves of the core Packard family including the Packard brothers’ wives, father, sister, aunt, uncle and cousins, along with William Doud’s son and grandchildren and a few in-laws. Participants enjoyed the amazing stories of each person and that a few of the tour's attendees knew the remaining family members through the early 1960's. The Packard family stayed close to Warren and continues sewing their lives into the local Warren community for generations to enjoy.


(Packard family gravesite, including father Warren and his wife, William Doud and his wife and family, as well as other Packard family members)


(J.W. Packard and his wife's gravesite)

James Ward and his wife's grave sites

(Charlie tells attendees the elaborate stories of J.W.'s final years, his wife's intellectual abilities and endeavors, and how the monument his wife designed and had built for the gravesite was eventually copied in Cleveland by other prominent families.)


(Gravesite of the Loveless family - sister of the Packard brothers)