*Slapstick, Spirits, & Sorcery Dinner Party Event: Oct. 27th*

The Packard Ghosts of Oakwood Cemetery Genealogy Tour- $10.00

The Packard Ghosts of Oakwood Cemetery Genealogy Tour- $10.00

     Join us at Oakwood Cemetery where your ghost guides WD “Will”, and Kitty Packard (Cindee Mines and Charlie Ohlin) will introduce you to the “Spirits of the Packard family.”

 The ghosts of Ward and Bess Packard, Warren Packard II (aka “Little Warren), and Packard cousin Irene Campbell Loveless will be summoned for this special conjuring to reveal their trials and tribulations, including:

  • Little Warren’s mother’s tragic death and his father’s controversial remarriage.
  • “Blacksheep” cousin Charlie Packard’s deceit and scandalous affair.
  • The Campbell family’s trek to California in 1870,  Irene Campbell’s marriage to  industrialist Charles Loveless, and her sister’s Gertrude Campbell Alderman’s inspiring triumphs  over tragedy.
  • Ghosts Ward and  Bess Gillmer Packard’s unconventional courtship and surprise  wedding, their hobbies and  homes, and Ward’s long illness and death.

Register now—Space is limited.

The cost is: $10

Tour begins at 1:00 pm at Oakwood Cemetery,  Warren Ohio