ROLL YOUR OWN 21st Annual Vintage Motorcycle Exhibit


     The prestigious Guggenheim Museum in New York opened an exhibition in 1998 titled the Art of the Motorcycle. By displaying motorcycles, from the first steam-powered machines to the wide variety of modern motorcycles, the museum shocked the art world. To motorcyclists who have an intimate attachment to their machines, motorcycles have always offered creative expression, even in the reproduction of the finest details and unique engineering found in restoring a vintage machine to its original condition.

     Motorcycles also lend themselves to being created from parts like an old engine or bolt, with an end result unlike any other. Creativity is displayed in every machine whose owner has modified, customized, or adapted it to fulfill his or her desires. Motorcycling is an art form which offers fulfillment in the work and with the completion: the creator has the freedom to ride it.

     In this twenty-first year of the National Packard Museum’s motorcycle display, our theme is Motorcycles – Roll Your Own. The machines on display represent various individual expressions of what a motorcycle means to the owner, from the restoration of early machines to keeping a utilitarian concept up-to-date so that the builder could enjoy thousands of miles of cross-country riding. Using the vast resources of aftermarket parts, new old stock, painters, welders, service spaces, and experts found here in Northeast Ohio, these builders have created the kind of art that can inspire others.

     This exhibit honors and celebrates the creativity of all  motorcyclists who chose to roll their own. Enjoy!

 By Larry "Rabbit" Smith