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Brief History of Packard

The Packard Story begins in the 1820s shortly after the establishment of Warren as the "capital of the Connecticut Western Reserve."

Warren Packard, son of Lordstown's first postmaster William Packard, came to the village of Warren in the 1850s just as an era of new business and industrial growth was underway. Hardware stores, lumber and planing mills, hotels, and an iron/rolling mill manufactory all soon carried the Packard banner during the years that Packard and his wife raising their two sons and three daughters.

The sons, William Doud Packard and James Ward Packard, put their college training and business experience to practical use with the establishment of the Packard Electric Company in 1890, the year Warren entered the "age of electricity."

The first Packard Motor Car was built in Warren in 1899 at the Packard Electric Company's subsidiary plant, the New York and Ohio Company. Manufacture of a successful automobile brought about the formation of the Ohio Automobile Company, which evolved into the Packard Motor Car Company in 1902.

Original Packard Building

(Early Packard Planing Mill)


(Original Packard Subsidiary Building)


(1903 Model F "Old Pacific")


One of the early cars, the 1903 Model F, was sent out on a transcontinental journey that year to test and market the durability of the Packard Motor Car in a trip from California to New York City. The famous endurance run of this car, dubbed "Old Pacific," was recreated in 1983. The "Old Pacific," along with an exhibit of Packard Motor Car memorabilia, is on display at the museum.

In 1911, due to the Packard brothers' success, Warren became the first city in the United States to light its streets with incandescent bulbs. The Packard Electric Company made incandescent bulbs and other electrical products. With the building of the Packard Motor Car came the necessity of developing an improved electrical system for the automobile. The production of high quality Packard cable became a dominant part of the Packard brothers' operation.

Packard Electric became a division of General Motors Corporation in 1932 and is known today as Delphi Packard Electric Systems. From those early days as the leader in producing vehicle wiring systems, Delphi Packard Electric has built and maintained global recognition for excellence in this field.


(Early Downtown Warren, OH)


(First Incandescent Street Lights)


(Delphi Plant)


Excellence Hall of Fame

In 1993, the Packard Electric Excellence Hall of Fame was started in conjunction with the National Packard Museum. Each year deserving Delphi Packard Electric associates and employees are honored with this excellence award and become a permanent member of the Excellence Hall of Fame.

Induction Date Honoree
June 04, 1993 Basil N. MacGregor
June 04, 1993 Herbert R. Lilley
June 04, 1993 James Ward Packard
June 04, 1993 William Doud Packard
June 04, 1993 Carl Reinshagen
June 03, 1994 James R. Rinehart
June 03, 1994 Heinz Altemann
June 03, 1994 George W. Chestnut, Sr.
June 01, 1995 Michael J. Bindas
June 01, 1995 Donald R. Dedow
June 01, 1995 Kenneth A. Hoffman
June 06, 1996 Mary W. O'Brien
June 06, 1996 Elmer E. Reese
June 06, 1996 William C. Wehmer
June 06, 1996 Dr. Frank Gothe
June 10, 1997 Lothar Kaiser
June 10, 1997 Robert H. Sims
June 10, 1997 Robert G. Van Wingerden
Induction Date Honoree
June 10, 1997 Newton A. Wolcott
June 10, 1998 Richard N. Acker
June 10, 1998 James A. McGee
June 09, 1999 Michael S. Mamrick
June 09, 1999 Patrick G. McCart
June 08, 2000 Robert G. Pyler
June 08, 2000 Lester L. Sudranski
June 08, 2000 John L. Williams
June 27, 2001 Richard M. Hess
June 27, 2001 Richard G. LeFauve
June 25, 2002 David L. Heilman
June 25, 2003 Robert M. Cashman
June 25, 2003 James L. Crouse
June 25, 2003 Klaus Roenisch
June 23, 2004 Charles R. Cunningham, Jr.
June 22, 2005 Thomas J. Morr
June 22, 2005 Lino Perez
June 20, 2006 George A. Kralovich
June 10, 2008 Hans- Juergen Weiser
June 10, 2008 Ronald R. Malanga

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