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"Meet the Douds: Packard's In-Laws and Out-Laws" at Noon, Saturday May 21st

“Meet the Douds: Packard’s In-Laws and Out-Laws” Presented at the Museum Warren, Ohio-- On Saturday, May 21, 2022, Charles Ohlin, Director of Educational Services will present “Meet the Douds: Packard’s In-Laws and Out-Laws”. This lecture is open to the public and free with paid admission to the museum. The program begins promptly at 12:00 PM.

When Warren Packard married Mary Elizabeth Doud in 1860, the Packard family expanded to include a colorful cast of characters, mostly distinguished, but with its fair share of black sheep. Learn about Mary’s grandfather, James Doud who was one of Canfield, Ohio’s pioneer citizens, her father, William Chapman Doud, who died when she was just nine months old, and her brother, James who had several brushes with the law before settling down in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Learn about Mary’s paternal cousins, including Levi Doud, a wealthy banker and President of the Chicago Livestock Exchange, and who her son W.D. Packard relied upon for business advice. Finally, sit back and listen to entertaining tales about Mary’s beloved niece, Gertrude Doud. Enjoy as we unravel the mystery surrounding Gertrude’s birth, abandonment by her actress mother, and stories about her maternal uncle--a member of the Blinky Morgan gang, one of Ohio’s most notorious band of criminals.

Come enjoy these stories and many more in “Meet the Douds: Packard’s In-Laws and Outlaws”. There is so much to learn, so much to discover, so much history to explore, and it is all waiting for you at the National Packard Museum!